Meeting planning

A perfect meeting, a conference with character, an unforgettable motivational tripit’s in the bag! Here are the skills we put to good use in order to guarantee you a hit!


Needs analysis

From the very first meeting, our team takes the time to sit down with you in order to thoroughly discuss your needs and ensure they understand what your goals are. This step is crucial to guarantee the success of your project.


Venue search

Our extensive knowledge of the various venues in the metropolitan area and its surroundings allows us to quickly target the sites that are best suited to your needs. After a few verifications, we proceed to technical visits in order to make the right choice!



Negotiating the price of a hotel room or a venue is of course very important, but one should not overlook the food, beverages, attrition clauses and all the other things we often tend to forget about!

Motivational trips

Registration control

We take care of registration control, transportation logistics and room layout with the hotel staff. All that's left for you to do is send the invitations!

Sales meeting

Banquet services coordination

Putting together a nice menu and providing the right amount of food for your guests can be quite challenging. That’s why we’re here! We put our expertise to work in order to properly analyze all of your needs and deliver an experience that’s right on point.

Sales meeting

Timeline elaboration

An appropriate planning is, of course, essential. That’s why we develop various tools (budgets, schedules, agendas, etc.) that we hand to our clients at each step of the process.

Theme design

We take care of everything! From designing the theme to finding a guest speaker, not to mention décor and entertainment coordination, which often requires the intervention of multiple suppliers.

Motivational trips

D-day coordination

Having someone with you to help with the coordination on D-day can prove to be very useful. We oversee every technical detail (audiovisual equipment, coffee break, deliveries, etc.) while you focus on your guests’ wellbeing.

Contract revision

When it’s time to sign a contract, a careful review of the terms is always required. Given that, we make sure you avoid all typical pitfalls such as minimal expenses required for food, beverages and attrition clauses (cancellations, compensations, etc.).