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When it was founded in 1995, Conservus’ mission was to provide a modern and efficient tool to support hotel concierges. This software (the very first in the world), specifically designed for concierges, contained a task manager, as well as a complete database including shops, restaurants and attractions in the metropolitan area. A newsletter reporting the latest scoops, quickly followed by a new website was soon added to the service offer. All these elements became essential references to anyone interested in Montreal’s way of life and what it has to offer.


Montrealinfo.com is an informative website containing an incredible amount of information about the city’s restaurants, shops and attractions. You will also find tons of scoops and insider information, as well as a complete cultural calendar!

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Conservus newsletter

Conservus’ weekly newsletter is published in both French and English with a readership of more than 33,000. It presents an overview of the latest news relating to restaurants, shops, entertainment and everything you need to know about Montreal.

The Software

An indispensable tool for the finest hotel concierges in town, the software is used in 20 of the most luxurious hotels in Montreal.

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