Corporate concierge services

A table in the hottest restaurants around the world, tickets for the most anticipated shows and original gift ideasthese are just some of the little miracles we can achieve for you!

Rooms in town

It is a well-known fact that sporting events always draw crowds…

Nearby hotels are filled at lightning speed! Needless to say, you must plan your trip months in advance in order have a chance to find a room during an event such as the FIFA World Cup. Nevertheless, we managed, believe it or not, to book a luxurious suite with only two weeks’ notice! Moreover, we were able to book it for four nights, despite the fact that hotels usually require booking for the duration of the event on these occasions.

Trips / Hotels


From Russia with love

Finding the perfect gift for someone who already has everything can be quite a headache.

In order to make things more interesting, we decided to send a messenger to deliver an anonymous gift consisting of a beautiful box containing Russian caviar. A real life treasure hunt took place until the next morning, where the identity of the anonymous sender was finally revealed!

Wonderful friends

A 50th anniversary must be celebrated in style…

That’s why our birthday girl was definitely in for a big surprise! Thinking she was simply about to go look for a new television at Future Shop with her husband, she got a very unexpected welcome as a homemade lipdub appeared on the store’s giant screens and all of her friends and family joined her to watch the scene!

Birthdays and Milestones


Fire on ice

Obtaining 16 tickets to the semi-final round of the Stanley Cup playoffs is definitely a challenge, but getting an additional 16 just 30 minutes before the beginning of the first game for a client who had lost his tickets is almost impossible…except for us!

Crazy about technology

If you are the least bit interested in technology, you surely remember all the excitement that surrounded launching of Nintendo’s iconic console Wii.

Let’s just say it wasn’t an easy task to get a hold of one of these precious consoles! Therefore, when a client called us on December 23 to get one for his son, every store around the city was already out of stock. We called Ubisoft’s president in person to find an available console and have it delivered to a Purolator warehouse. The next morning, we picked up the package and delivered it ourselves to our client’s house, right on time for Christmas!

Customized services

Outstanding experiences


Meeting an idol really is priceless.

Can you imagine how our baseball fan felt when he met the one and only Daisuke Matsuzaka before a game and was invited to stay for the warm-up period? Oh, and did we mention that all of this was planned in less than 24 hours?

What happens in Vegas…

could happen to you!

Las Vegas’ private clubs are undoubtedly among the most popular and exclusive around the world, especially when someone like David Guetta is performing. And yet, we were able to secure a VIP table for a whole group!

VIP accesses

Emergencies / Last minute

Great vintage

Your last minute requests are our daily challenges!

Receiving a last minute request at 4:30 p.m. for 100 wine bottles to be delivered the next day at noon is quite stressful in itself, but what about if the SAQ is on strike? We had to find the bottles ourselves, customize them to the company’s image, wrap them up and send them as fast as we could!